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Erin is the daughter of a butcher and a German family who has been in the “meat” business in Michigan  for over 60 years.  Her lifetime exposure of growing up around a meat market and different foods drove her curiosity to try new things. Traveling in Europe before college gave Erin a summers long taste of her heritage along with other cultures and foods she’s grown to love.  Moving to Phoenix, Arizona in 2005 even furthered that curiosity where she was able to dine at some of the most real, delicious, and authentic places in the Valley. Erin is married to one super sexy man and has two beautiful children.  She is a stay at home mom and in her free time likes to write, cook, sing, shop, and find great food. Visit often to see beautiful food pictures, recipe reviews,  restaurant reviews and upcoming events in the foodie world!  To contact Erin, email her at and follow her on twitter Thanks you so much for your time and interest. Cheers!

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