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November 2010
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The Pita Room

Lots of you know I live in beautiful Fountain Hills, Arizona.  This is the town of one of the world’s tallest free standing water fountains and it is a wonderful little town to live in.  Unfortunately, we are a twenty minute drive from any larger city and when it comes to good affordable restaurants, they are few and far between.

You can never go wrong with Anthony Redendo’s joints.  Redendo’s Pizzeria and Sofrita are two great places where you can always be assured to get great quality, delicious food.  Sometimes I want something different, and although I know my husband would love to talk me into hitting up the Senior Taco drive-thru, I decided to try something different.

I would have to say Middle Eastern/Greek cuisine is my all time favorite food to eat.  Give this girl lots of garlic and slow cooked meats and I’m a happy camper. I’ve been wanting to try the Pita Room in Fountain Hills for awhile now.  Previously it was dubbed The Pita House, and I wasn’t very impressed by take out I got from there before, so I never rushed back to try the Pita Room.

So happy I finally went in for some take out last Friday night.  I was craving a gyro and boy did I get one. Their menu is simple: gyros, falafel, pitas, hummus, lamb kabobs, chicken kabobs, etc.  The do have a website, but no menu on the website, so you have to just walk in your first time, bring home a menu, then from there you can order by phone.

So, I got a lamb gyro and “medi fries”.  I get my gyro very traditional, just meat, red onion, tomato, and tzatziki sauce.  This gyro was so full of meat that I had to give half of it to my husband.  It was tender, fresh, and oh so yummy.  The Medi fries however, were the highlight of my night. Let me just start by saying the french fries at the Pita Room are something you will become addicted to.  They are double fried, like french bistro style fries, golden brown and heavenly.  If you get them “Medi” style they are tossed with fresh dill, fresh chopped garlic and a little bit of salt. OMG, I actually had to go back again on Saturday for dinner just to have those fries again.

On Saturday I got chicken kabob in a pita with the medi fries. Again, my pita was chalk full of delicious marinated grilled chicken pieces and is by far my favorite pita now.  Here is a picture when we went for dinner on Saturday.

chicken kabob pita with Medi fries

I look forward to many more trips to The Pita Room and urge all of the locals or even people visiting Fountain Hills for the day to try it.

Pita room on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to “The Pita Room”

  • Lisa Williams says:

    ok… Lunch was once again amazing. this time i had the GBLT (Gryo meat, Bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, tzaiki sauce – on a pita) This is by far my #1 at this place so far and Mom agreed it was deliciousness.
    You have to try this next time you get there.

  • Lisa Williams says:

    Pita Room was AMAZING. I am hooked now – I couldn’t believe how delicious the fries were and the Chicken Kebob pita, holy moly! the meat was juicy and flavorful AND overflowing they didn’t skimp on anything.
    Going there again today for lunch with mom!

    Thanks for this post Erin – I would have never given that place another chance after being there when it was the Pita House… i really wasn’t that impressed… but someone has certainly turned that place around.

  • Lisa says:

    ok this just decided where i will be going for dinner tonight! Thanks Erin for the post… I’ll let you know how my experience is 🙂

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