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August 2010
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The Serving Spoon

Their claim states “There ain’t no better breakfast” and BOY are they right.  While I was in L. A. this June I was told by  fellow food blogger and BBQ dude, Tony Morales that I should definitely check out The Serving Spoon.  He knew I had an affinity for soul food and simply said it was the best ever.  How could I pass that up?  Also, it was merely a 15 minute drive from my hotel.

I went on a Saturday morning and it was packed…a line of people waiting outside as well as people waiting  on chairs inside.  I had to be back to my hotel at a certain time to get to my event so I was wondering if I would even have time to get breakfast?  The food smelled so good in there, I wasn’t leaving without at least putting my name on the list and giving my all.  I told the hostess it was just a party of one and I got seated  up at the breakfast bar right away, no waiting!  I really felt bad because there must have been about 20 people or more waiting for tables, but that’s just how they roll and I was happy.

I already knew what I was going to get, crazy I know. However, I had read a ton of Yelp reviews on this place and saw many pictures and decided from there what I would have. I think the server was a little shocked that I ordered right away, so I explained I had come from Arizona and was prepared.  I didn’t know when I would ever be coming back here again, the old adage, “go big or go home” came to mind so I obliged.  I ordered the “Raphael Saadiq” good morning breakfast which came with 2 eggs over medium,  grits, wing drumettes, and cornbread which I passed on since I was getting a waffle as well.  In retrospect, I totally should have gotten the cornbread that came with the meal, to try a bite.  I just didn’t want to appear too overzealous.

Im in breakfast heaven

Talk about some perfect grits…these were it.  Loved that they used margarine as a topping instead of butter. I seriously felt like I was sitting down in in my grandma’s kitchen instead of a restaurant.  It was really great.  The wings were unlike any I have ever eaten.  I liked that they were simply breaded, no sauce.  The breading was super crunchy and perfectly seasoned and you could tell it was a homemade batter.  My waffle was a whole other magnificent story.  It was soft and slightly chewy with a light crunch around the outside of the waffle. The sprinkle of cinnamon on top totally rocked it, with a dab of margarine and warm maple syrup…OH MY!

whoa, what a waffle

Before I paid my bill I was running over the weekend plans in my mind to figure out when I could get back here again?  What an amazing, homemade, and delicious meal.  Unfortunately, too much vodka that same evening made it near impossible to return the next day 😉 However, I will be back Serving Spoon, mark my words. If you’re in West Hollywood, type their address into your GPS and just go, no excuses or you’re missing out.

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