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May 2010
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Kickin’ It at Oakville Grocery

Who knew one could spend a relaxing afternoon sipping wine and enjoying little nibbles at a gourmet grocer?   I had never been to Oakville Grocery until just over a week ago.  Truth be told,  I never really had a reason to go…this stay at home mom’s budget goes solely to groceries for the family, Starbucks, dining out,  and my small vodka/wine budget.  Living in Fountain Hills I just don’t get to venture out to the AJ’s and Oakville’s due to lack of time among other things.  What a treat to be able to go alone on a Saturday, meet the staff, the purveyors, and see what they had to offer.  This is a place that I should have be frequenting for the wine alone, I needed to make time for Oakville!

Oakville is in the Scottsdale Quarter.  This specialty grocer originated in Napa Valley in 1881, next to the city’s post office as a place for the locals to stop and get their mercantiles and Levi’s.  It developed into what it is today thanks to the wine country that flourishes in Napa.  Now it is a gourmet market offering only the best wine,  cheese, charcuterie, deli, and local specialty groceries and items you can’t find everywhere.  Their olive bar and wall of olive oil and vinegars was enough to make me return again and again.  The food is a whole other topic!  Made to order flatbread pizzas, healthy salads, hand-pulled mozzarella, a cheese selection to die for…it’s all here, and it’s ALL good!! Experienced Sommelier and wine maker Dave Johnson will make you feel right at home in their wine section and pour you a red or white and even further educate you on what you are drinking if you are so inclined.  I tried his very own “Intaglio Bianco 2008” white blend that he handcrafted in Trentino, Italy.  It was a delicious white blend and costs only $13.00 at Oakville. 

wine galore at Oakville

Next, Shannon Metcalf, their catering director gave me a sample plate of various tasty treats that Oakville has to offer in their salad case.  My favorite was chef Walter Sterling’s own hand pulled mozzarella.  It was light, very creamy and had the perfect saltiness.  He explained to me that he uses buffalo milk curd to make it,  and he says that makes all the difference.  Another favorite on my plate was the marinated mixed olives and also the Moroccan shrimp salad with capers.  If you have a sweet tooth, the vanilla poached pear drizzled with chocolate was really really delicious.

olive mix

assorted salad goodies at Oakville

pick your flavor

The cheese selection here is amazing.  From your aged blue cheese to a mild burrata, it’s all here.  If you enjoy fine cheeses with your wine, they will have it here and if not their cheese-monger will order it for you.  And OH, the olive bar…I could have stayed there all day. 

olive heaven

So, make sure when you’re in the Scottsdale Quarter to take the time and check out Oakville Grocery.  I promise, you won’t leave empty handed!

Oakville Grocery Co. on Urbanspoon

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