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March 2010
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Tottie’s Asian Fusion 2

It’s been so hard for me to write this article due to the immense respect I have for Tottie Kaya and her cooking.  For two weeks I’ve been trying to think of some clever one liners for this review and just the best way to deliver a stunning review for a stunning lady. Tottie grew up in Laos and her mother was the cook to the royal family there, so you know Ms. Tottie knows how to cook!!  She fled her country after communism took over and immigrated here to the United States.  Six years ago she accomplished her goal and dream to have her own restaurant and it’s just so darn good,  she needs two to accommodate all of us who love her cooking!

Tottie’s Asian 2 is sister location to the original Totties’s Asian Fusion on Thomas Rd. in Scottsdale.  Tottie’s 2 is a little closer for me, being located in the Lincoln Village on  Scottsdale Rd. behind Fogo De Chao and next to Trader Joe’s.  My first time into Tottie’s was for her Media Dinner that she had in February.  It was just spectacular!  The whole restaurant was closed to the public as food writers, bloggers, and people of the industry got to see how incredibly hospitable Tottie and her crew really are.  She had an artist there who’s amazing drawings covered the walls of her restaurant and we each got our own beautiful full color lithograph to take home.  Arizona’s own Candy Lesher was our host for the evening who made delectable white cupcakes with fresh blackberry buttercream frosting for us to take home.  Tottie had flamenco dancers to entertain us while we munched on Asian style tapas that covered a ten foot long mission style wood table.

must have Tottie rolls

shrimp, chicken and beef in this rice!

At this party I was introduced to the “Tottie Roll” ($7.50) which are crispylicious spring rolls that you put inside a lettuce leaf along with fresh mint, cilantro and some fish sauce.  Then you roll it all up in the lettuce leaf and go to town! This appetizer is just a happy party in your mouth with crunchy texture and popping fresh flavors all over the place.  It is a “must order” item in my opinion.  Also, that night I got the pleasure of eating the best panang that I’ve ever had.  At our table I was sitting next to one of Tottie’s distributors, and he too agreed that the panang rocked.  For the party it was just the curry sauce without any meat or veggies, but it was just perfect and we slathered it all over almost every tapas we had.

With such a wonderfully positive experience from Tottie’s media event, I decided I needed to go back sooner than later and bring my husband and some friends of ours along. As soon as I was seated I looked to see if  Tottie was in the kitchen, and happily for me, she was!  Cooking away she even had time to wave to me and say hi.  I was very excited to know that Tottie herself would be cooking our meal.  It was the perfect dinner and we learned a lot that night!  Going from a tapas party to Tottie’s regular menu I didn’t know how enormous her portions were.  For one thing, she’s on Scottsdale Rd. close to old town and every high priced restaurant or shop imaginable, however nothing on her menu tips $13.95.  For $10.95 I got a humongous bowl of beef panang that could have easily fed the whole table along with an appetizer.  The thing was, we had no clue about the size and the price was so reasonable that all four of us ordered our own dish so you can imagine the leftovers.  It was all so tasty and amazing service to boot! 

beef panang

singapore noodles

For the table we also go the Tottie Rolls ($7.50), of course,  Tottie’s Fried Rice ($10.50) and also potstickers ($7.50).  For entrees we had the beef panang ($10.95), Beef Kang Keo Wan (($10.50),  and Singapore Rice Noodles ($10.95). For me, I like some heat, so I learned that the perfect spice level for me is Medium -low.  They have low, medium-low, medium and from there it would just be super hot so I can’t tell you what the level is higher than medium.  Another one of my favorite things at Tottie’s is their Thai Tea.  It’s a brewed tea with a sweetened cream swirled in at the top and served on ice. Oh my goodness, it is so delicious, I have to have two when I am there and I have no desire to know the calories in them 😉

Then, after eating two appetizers, four mains we were finished, ready to take our leftovers home.  We told our server we were passing on dessert, but Tottie would have none of that.  What she brought next was more than our eyes could behold.   All of Tottie’s desserts are dairy free (great for me and my lactose intolerant hubby) and made from coconut milk.  My favorite is the fried honey banana served along side coconut milk ice cream ($5.95)  We also had the pleasure of trying the ice cream sampler ($12.95) and her pumpkin cheesecake ($5.95).  Those honey fried bananas are out of control amazing good!!  My second favorite is the pumpkin cheesecake made from small green kamancha pumpkins.  The cheesecake has little bursts of the pumpkin puree inside and it is just very honest and pure in flavor.

mmm honey fried bananas w/coconut ice cream

no pain from this non dairy ice cream, YUM!!

This article is clearly getting long, and I could post pictures and descriptions all night from Tottie’s.  I just think you need to go and see for yourselves folks!! Tottie’s Asian 2 most undoubtedly gets the FOOD-TRAMP-STAMP OF APPROVAL!!

Tottie’s Asian 2

6204 N Scottsdale Rd. #106

Scottsdale, AZ 85253
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