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February 2010
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Radio Milano…I say TUNE IN people!

For one thing, Radio Milano has a pretty genius Twitter page, boasting their happy hour “when Camelback turns pink it’s time for drink!”  I love it!  They’re always advertising neighborhood night which is Mondays and Tuesdays where you can get an entree + salad or dessert for only ($20.0) which is an amazing value for the quality and quantity of their food.  I first heard about Radio from a fellow food writer who did a review for FoodiesLikeUs and it just sounded yummy!  Then, after continuously reading their twitter posts from RM I was just waiting for a fellow foodie invite or a chance for my husband and I to get a night out so I could go see for myself! 

I got the chance two weeks ago thru a fabulous new food networking company called Tastecasting that I joined here in Phoenix.  A really stellar concept:  we all know how networking is taking over the internet and is driving the decisions people make and the places people go.  Tastecasting is simple.. we go to a restaurant that would like media exposure and they trade a fabulous menu sampling for us and in turn we plug the crap out of them on Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon and other social outlets. 🙂  It really works and it’s a great chance for foodies on a budget to get to try out some really great fine dining destinations in Phoenix and surrounding areas.

I believe this was Phoenix Tastecasting’s third restaurant since it started in our area.  This is where the food tramp hopped on for the ride and it was a great one!!  After being seated our server and their general manager came out and greeted us.  We were served warm bread with fresh olive oil and garlic and offered a drink on the house.  I started with their ginger press ($9.0) which coincidentally tasted exactly like my favorite martini at Metro!!  A gin based lemony ginger cocktail that included ginger ale as well, mmm mmm tasty.

Next we were bombarded by almost every appetizer on the menu.  Deviled eggs ($5.0), shattered potato chips ($6.0), crispy calamari ($9.0), celery Caesar ($9.0), and the caprese salad ($10.0).  I was utterly stunned when I saw the deviled eggs as I have never seen them in a restaurant and they were out of this world!  The calamari was probably my favorite, nice and lightly crispy.  I wasn’t a fan of their caprese salad.  I am a real traditionalist when it comes to caprese.  I want cold tomatoes, soft fresh mozzarella and basil.  Radio’s version had roasted tomatoes and a stronger cheese and I was just a little surprised.  But, try it because you may just love it!

loved this bread w/garlic oil

my fav the calamari and eggs to the left

yummy calimari and deviled eggs

homemade chips

Entrees were flowin as well.  I wish I could show every single picture I took but I just don’t have room.  There were seven of us dining that evening.  We each ordered an entree and Radio threw in a few extra entrees just so we wouldn’t leave hungry!!  Talk about amazing food! Everything looked remarkable and tasted even better.  At first glance I wanted to order the house made parpadelle ($17.0) but then, I saw the cowboy ribeye steak ($25.0) which is my favorite cut of meat on earth so I chose that.  I’m glad I wasn’t shy cause that was one major cut of meat, wholly moly!! The taste was also better than any steak I have had in a restaurant this year.  They cook it over mesquite wood chips and wow, you can really taste the smoky flavor.  It was so juicy and delicious.  It needed no accompaniment at all.  It was so humongous that I saved half for my husband and will soon be taking him there so he can have his own!  

parpadelle (i'll get this next time)

what a ribeye!


even better-meatball sammie w/fried egg!!

Dessert..oh Radio Milano, you’ve spoiled my sweet tooth with your amazing treats.  I was excited to try the olive oil cake ($7.0) as it stood out and was a different concept that struck my curiosity.  We also received three scoops of amazing gelato from Grateful Spoon Gelato that were to die for!  I have to admit, I am pretty committed to The Gelato Spot, as they make the most amazing coconut gelato I have ever tasted.  When I tasted Grateful Spoon’s pistachio gelato I felt bad and wrong, like I was cheating on the Gelato Spot, but it was just so amazing, I couldn’t stop myself.  Let’s not forget those sinful mini butter cookies in the basket by the door.  You know the ones…with the mini chocolate chips?? Yeah, next time I’m there if that basket goes missing, I know nothing about it 😉 

the triple threat from Grateful Spoon

So, to sum it all up, Radio Milano was wonderful!  The ambiance, retro 50’s music, dimmed lights, refreshing drinks, and innovative and delicious food gives Radio a ultimate FOOD-TRAMP-STAMP OF APPROVAL!!   I’ll be back again, and again , and again.
3950 E Campbell Ave.
Phoenix, AZ  85018

Radio Milano on Urbanspoon

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2 Responses to “Radio Milano…I say TUNE IN people!”

  • i love Food and Drinks, i eat a lot of both nutritious and junk foods.~`;

  • Tastecasting events sound roughly similar to Yelp Elite events. Attendees get some free food and beverage with the hope that they’ll talk up the host establishment. There are some ethical concerns, though. Yelp requires event attendees to review the event separately from the establishment with the hope that reviews of the actual restaurant will be based on paid meals there. Even so it’s probably hard for most decent people to 1-star a place that has hosted a free party they attended, so there’s a bias toward the positive introduced.

    In the Tastecasting world, what are the expectations? If someone attended an event, hated the food, and tweeted or blogged extensively about the negative experience, would that person be welcome at future Tastecasting events? Are tastecasters expected to disclose, as you have admirably done above, that they were given free food and drink at an event?

    By the way, I like Radio Milano and having Grateful Spoon across the street makes it even better. When I go to Gelato Spot, I feel like I’m cheating on Grateful Spoon!

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