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February 2010
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My Big Fat Greek Restaurant

I’ve always been a fan of anything Greek, so five years ago when I moved out here and my roommate told me about this place, I wanted to go ASAP!!  I really enjoy My Big Fat Greek Restaurant.  Every time I go, my food is hot and tasty and fills my craving for authentic Greek food.

It had honestly been about two years since I had been to MBFGR , so the hubby and I decided to check out their Old Town Scottsdale location. My Big Fat Greek Restaurant is corporate, but not really.  It’s not widespread all over the United States…with around 12  locations in Arizona and soon a location in Beverly Hills. 

What can you expect when you visit MBFGR?? Cozy atmosphere, attentive service, flaming cheese,  and delicious fare are just some of the things to look forward to.  For the longest time, living in Michigan, I was a gyro girl. I wasn’t educated about Greek food and it was literally all I ordered. After moving here, I’ve eaten it all and decided that I’m pretty much a lamb lover when it comes to Greek, or chicken souvlaki…those are my two favorites.


This was our first night out in a while and my husband had never been to a Greek restaurant so we went all out.  First of all, I need to mention their cherry limeade ($10.0) very alcoholic and very delicious!!  I never did get the recipe, but all I know is that there is cherry juice, simple syrup, lime juice, soda water and vodka.  It is so refreshing I drank two!  For starters we ordered the flaming saganaki ($6.95) and a bowl of my favorite soup (Avgolemono) $3.95.  This is basically a chicken rice soup with a lemony chicken broth.  It was a weekly staple of mine growing up when my stepmother would take us to Kerby’s Coney Island in Sterling Heights, Michigan.  So good, so soothing and MBFGR was the best I have had in a long time, but not better than Kerbys 😉 The Flaming cheese is just delicious.  The server poured a little Ouzo over top, lit it up, and “OPA”!!  It was a party on a plate.  Saganaki has a slightly salty flavor to it and I just love it.  It’s melty and oozing with cheesy goodness…yum yum.

hummous and greek salad

Even though I would have normally ordered lamb chops for my entree, the meat lovers for two caught my eye.  Now, for ($34.0)  a couple, this meal definitely delivers.  I really wanted Jeremy to experience it all…here’s a list of what we got in the meat lovers for two: lamb chops, pork-chicken-and beef souvlaki, gyro, mousaka, pastitsio, tzatziki, pilaf, roasted lemon potatoes, fresh grilled veggies, and Greek salad.  Whoa, what a spread…at first, we didn’t even know where to start.  The good thing is my husband is a healthy eater so we actually polished off all of the meat and only brought home some potatoes, pilaf, mousaka, and tzatziki.  My favorite three items if I were to have to narrow it down would be the lamb chops, pilaf, and beef souvlaki.  The lamb chops were just superb with a very rustic seasoning and grilled to perfection.  I can still remember the taste when I’m craving them, lol.  The pilaf was great. My mother-in-law is Armenian and she and her daughter make the best pilaf  I’ve ever had, but this was a close second.  Very light, fluffy and perfectly seasoned.  Man, the beef souvlaki was so tender and I loved the lemony garlic marinade that make souvlaki so damn tasty! My Big Fat Greek Restaurant gets the FOOD-TRAMP-STAMP OF APPROVAL 🙂

holy Greek feast!!!

 My Big Fat Greek Restaurant

4218 N Scottsdale Rd.

Scottsdale, AZ 85251
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