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January 2010
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FnB is All4Me!

FnB you’ve got my full attention!  Okay foodies, I’m sure you’ve read about FnB in the past months or so.  In the place of where Digestif used to be, hails a new victor in culinary truth. In a quaint yet sophisticated space featuring a remarkably glossy multicolored artlike tile floor,  FnB features a  menu that changes sometimes daily with the freshest produce, all from local Arizona farmers.  They also use other fresh ingredient from local vendors.  The freshness certainly shows in the taste and integrity of their food, it is so delicious!

I had been looking to come here ever since I saw a picture on facebookof their braised leeks/mozzarella/mustard breadcrumbs and fried egg phenomenon!  People, this is food porn worthy in my books.  One glimpse of that dish and I simply knew I was destined to dine there.  So, with a drooling comment on my friend Jay’s picture status, I begged him to PLEASE call me the next time you want to go to FnB!!   Happily for me, that day came about a week later 🙂 Upon arrival we took a seat at the bar.  You could call this a bar, but I call it a food voyeur’s naughty pleasure.  You see, the whole kitchen is surrounded by the bar, so if you choose to sit there you’ll get to watch Charleen Badman work her magic while enjoying a nice glass of Arizona wine.

We were warmly greated by Pavle Milic, the restaurant’s owner and also our server for the evening.  We both got the “Vino del Barrio Blanca”  ($10.0/glass) from Pages Springs Vineyards right here in AZ.  We then ordered up two appetizers to share and relaxed with friendly conversation.  Of course, we ordered the braised leeks/mozz/breadcrumb/fried egg ($13.0).  We also tried their duck/pork pate which was a new addition to their changing menu.  Both were amazing, but I must pay close attention to the best salty and savory thing I ever ate in my life!  Yes, I just said “best…thing I ever ate,” because it is true.  That leek dish changed me forever, as I now crave it in my sleep, it was that amazing!  I watched as Charleen put the fresh mozzarella over the leeks and stuck it under the broiler.  Then,  she prepared the over easy egg in a small saucepan over an even smaller double burner, giving it a generous sprinkle of salt on top.  When the cheese was perfectly melted over the leeks, she pulled it out of the broiler, slid the egg on top and dusted with the mustard breadcrumbs.

best thing I EVER ate

I really could dedicate my whole article on this one plate, as it was for me, perfection.  The perfectly cooked greens, the melted stringy cheese, breadcrumbs,  and maybe my favorite part…the crispy around the edges, over easy egg! It had a salty, savory, creamy, slightly chewy,  and warm flavor in every bite.  I’m pretty sure they saw me scraping the plate to get the crusted mozzarella off!  Oh my god, it was just unbelievable.  When you go to FnB, you’d be a fool not to order this delight.

what a combo

Next was the duck/pork pate.  It came on the plate with two pieces of crispy bread, a few softly roasted cippolini onions, some pickled cauliflower and cucumber and a dollop coarse ground mustard.  This pate was very nicely put together with the perfect amount of fat content and seasoning.  The pate also had pistachios in it that gave a nice texture contrast.  It really tasted like my dad’s liverwurst that he’s been making for years from an old world German recipe.  For me to be able to compare it to something  homemade and authentic from my dad’s market, makes it top notch in my book!  The onions were great, as you could smear them onto the hard crusty bread and accompany with a piece of pate. I loved the bi-colored pickled cauliflower, it was delicious.

flat iron steak w/caper raisin goodness

For the entree it was a hard decision as all of the four entrees on the menu looked amazing.  We went with sharing the flat iron steak with cauliflower, caper, and golden raisin salsa verde ($21.0)  I totally didn’t realize until we got our entree that Pavle didn’t ask us how we wanted our meat cooked and I’m very glad that he didn’t.  This steak was cooked to an absolute perfection.  Nice sear on the outside with a juicy red medium doneness on the inside.  It had a very clear, pure beefy flavor and just melded so nicely with the caper raisin salsa.  You’ll notice we had cauliflower twice that evening, but that was not a problem at all as it was so different each time we got it.  In the pate dish it was cold and pickled. In our entree we were given a beautiful purple cauliflower that was roasted  with what tasted to me like some fresh grated parmesan, but I cannot be positive of this.  Either way, I really enjoyed the distinct flavors of the cauliflower each time, it was really great. 

When we thought we could feast no more we told Pavle we’d be skipping dessert.  However, Pavle simply wouldn’t let us leave without something homemade and sweet in our stomachs.  Such a kind man to make sure my sweet tooth is paid attention to 😉  He brought us some homemade peanut brittle and also homemade butterscotch pudding.

sinfully rich butterscotch puddin

Jay and I were really contemplating the pudding.  It looked super delicious, but we are both lactose intolerant…enough said.  I figured I’d endure the future pain because it just looked so darned good! With homemade, slightly sweetened whipped cream and freshly grated nutmeg, it was worth every taste!  The pudding, I could tell was totally homemade as it had a very buttery sweet caramel taste that you can only achieve from getting the sugar butter and cream cooked to the perfect temperature.  The nutmeg was a great accompaniment with the rich butterscotch pudding.  I’ll be ordering that again, it’s a certainty! 

In summary, for me, FnB is my second favorite restaurant and may soon be my first.  I love the simple, fresh, small menu concept.  Their hospitality is supreme along with their food and I can’t wait to return.  FnB without a doubt gets the FOOD-TRAMP-STAMP-OF APPROVAL!


7133 E Stetson Dr

Scottsdale, AZ 85252

FnB Scottsdale on Urbanspoon

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