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November 2009
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Lo Lo’s Chicken & Waffles..seriously good in their hood!

As  I was on my way with my husband to go do a review (I even made reservations) my husband mentions that we will be close to Lo Lo’s in Scottsdale so, “why don’t we go there?”  I wasn’t surprised, as he is very skeptical about going to fine dining institutions with me; it’s just not his thing.  He was lucky that fried chicken was sounding good, cause I called and canceled our reservation and we headed out to Thomas and Scottsdale rd!  Lo Lo’s is easy to find, located on the southwest corner of Thomas and Scottsdale Rds in the corner of a strip mall that has an Albertsons in it.

We walked in and starting looking for a table since there was no sign that said “wait to be seated”, we were quickly told by diners that we do wait.  So we patiently awaited our hostess who took us to our table.  Now ladies…just a word to the wise..Lo Lo’s cooks massive amounts of deep fried chicken every day and because of that, their floor is slippery.  Strange thing to have to mention in a dining review, but I was wearing heels and almost ended up on my face.  I guess the grease from the floor in the kitchen just makes its way out into the dining room which doesn’t bother me at all, just wanted to forewarn.

took me back in the day!

took me back in the day!

I’ve already checked out Lo Lo’s menu many a times online so I already knew I was getting the soul food platter ($13.) and red koolaid ($2.5).  My only decision was what two sides did I want?? They all looked so amazing.  From earlier recommendations I ordered the greens and the mac n cheese.  Really felt the need to try the candied sweets ($3.5) so we threw in a side of those as well! If you know the food tramp, you know I got that chicken smothered with gravy and onions baby!   The man got the Sheedah’s special ($9.) which comes with two pieces of chicken with a waffle.  A side of collard greens was added for ($3.5).  Don’t forget the sweet tea, his favorite for ($2.5). 

the food tramp was in love

the food tramp was in love


no words to describe this

no words to describe this

This food was top notch, exactly how I read it was by other bloggers and more!  Now, I know that Lo Lo’s and Noca had a fried chicken throwdown a few weeks ago, but I seriously am wondering how Noca won!?  This chicken was so moist, that even after it being deep fried, it was falling off the bone!  The greens were very tasty and had a quick hit of heat which was just right and left me wanting more.  The mac n cheese was one of my favs of the night.  Reminded me of how my grandmother used to make it, using real cheese and processed cheese slices for a rich creamy cheese flavor.  The candied sweets were also great, very traditional the way I make them at home.  Jeremy thoroughly enjoyed his chicken and waffles as they were gone in mere minutes!

I have to say that I’m super happy that my husband reminded me that I needed to do a review here, it was a great last minute change to the itinerary!  We will be returning back in the near future and bringing the kids, as we both knew they’d love all of this down home southern cooking.

Lo Lo’s Chicken & Waffles

2765 N. Scottsdale Rd

Scottsdale AZ, 85257

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